OG Stoneheads

2420 Unique Stoneheads chillin on the #Solana blockchain
Powered by $KIEF🌿

OG Stoneheads

OG Stoneheads is a collection of 2420 randomly generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

Our inspiration for the art & name of the project comes from the ancient Olmec Stoneheads.
So the “OG” in the name isn’t the usual acronym, well at least half of it.
It stands for Olmec Gangsters, because they look pretty badass.

Why the Cannabis?
We, the founders are passionate weed smokers and we really wanted to make it a part of the project’s identity.
Also, the Olmec Heads look like they’re stoned as hell.


Phase 1
Return of the Ancients

OG Stoneheads have landed on Twitter! Become part of a unique Stoner community that is all about giving value back to the people. There will be 4200 unique Stoneheads available for minting.

In this phase we will:

  • Do giveaways on Twitter ($SOL, WL spots & 5 OG Stonehead NFTs)
  • Open up our Discord server
  • Release our Mint Date and Price
  • Release our full Whitepaper & Tokenomics
  • Release our web3 website
  • Announce BIG partnerships in the space
  • Detailed $KIEF Tokenomics overview
  • Art previews, Staking previews and much more

Phase 2
Turning Stone into Bread

24 hours after the mint, our staking website will go live. When you stake your Stonehead, he chills and smokes more than a few joints in a day. This means that he will be racking up $KIEF in his Grinder daily.

42% of primary and secondary sales will be allocated to keeping the token economy stable, by constantly adding new purchasable rewards and controlling the liquidity pool.

  • Use $KIEF to buy raffle tickets to win Blue Chip NFTs
  • Use $KIEF to bid on auctions & win expensive NFTs
  • You can use $KIEF for a monthly subscription of our own smoking equipment

Introducing the StoneMine, our treasury filled with Solana's best NFTs. We are proud to announce our first acquisition for the StoneMine are a Stoned and Nuked Ape.

The creation of StoneheadDAO, an alpha chat for holders with many perks such as:

  • A voting system for all major decisions for the project,
  • In-depth analysis of upcoming projects (a whole lot of alpha info),
  • Vote for the next StoneMine Acquisition,
  • Whitelist spots for holders,
  • Helping holders who are aspiring creators and devs to network with like-minded people

Phase 3

Launching StoneLab, a platform that provides services for new projects in the #Solana ecosystem. We will be offering services such as:

  • Project consultation
  • Art ( 2D, 3D, logos, banners & more)
  • Video editing
  • Website development
  • Marketing services
  • Discord services
  • Doxxing
  • Copywritting

42% of the revenue generated through StoneLab will go to keeping the $KIEF token stable.

StoneLab Refferal System- We’re hustlers, so we want to give our holders an opportunity to hustle as well. Your Stoneheads # will be your unique Referral Code. You will receive 10% of the revenue generated through the referred service. This can also be used as a discount for your own project.

Introducing new burning mechanics to our $KIEF Store.

We will release 42 1/1 Stoneheads. Burn 3 Stoneheads+ amount of $KIEF for a custom 1of1 Stonehead with special utilities (ability to collect more $KIEF, 20% StoneLab referral fees, and more).

Phase 4
Party Island

Purchase a plane ticket using $KIEF and send your StoneHead to Party Island.

He'll be doing all kinds of crazy shit, partyin' and doin' hard drugs for 10 days.

After 10 days, he will come back as a DopeHead and his productivity will go up, generating more $KIEF per day. DopeHeads will not be a new collection, just an upgrade to OG Stoneheads.

Phase 5

The CokeHeads started getting more and more problems due to their addiction. Maybe they should lay off the coke for a bit so fökit, let’s send them to rehab to get their shit together.

Pay the Rehab Clinic bill with $KIEF and get a sober Stonehead in 10 days.

After the Rehab they’ll do some therapy in the StoneLab and come back home. Oh, and they’re gonna be 3D, cause fökit.

Phase 6
Fökit Talent Show & Fökit Meet Ups

Fökit Talent Show- The first web3 talent show. Show your talents, skills, art, and jokes to the Stoneheads fam and some web3 and real-life celebrities. The winner gets a paid trip to Ibiza for 4 people & a custom 1of1 Winner Stonehead. Oh, and a car, cause fökit.

Fökit Meet Ups- Real-life meet-up with the Stonehead fam. Gettin’ lit with the homies in different cities. Crazy parties

Meet Our Team

CO-CEO - Yung Breezy

Artist & Web Developer

"Sales man bringing ideas to life with Various experience & skills in the web3 space, with strong passion for dev, art and marketing."


Marketing & Financial Director

"Creativity specialist bringing ideas to table. Key to keeping the analysis on point and running a numbers game."

CFO - OG Biggie

Community manager & Designer

"Mentality freak in the team who makes sure that everything is finished on time, keeping a schedule and executing on it."

Tokenomics - Riddler

(External) Tokenomics advisor

"Master of tokenomics and complex algorithms who keeps the token stable and healthy that works for Sea Shanties and Hydra Launchpad"


OG Stoneheads is a collection of 2420 hand-drawn, unique NFT's chillin' on Solana blockchain.

Only 2420 OG Stonehead NFT's.

Whitelist Price: 0.75 SOL
Public Price: 1.25 SOL

Mint Date: 19th of May 2022
Presale Mint: 20:00 UTC
Public Mint: 21:00 UTC

Phantom (recommended), Sollet and Solflare.

1420 NFT Cards have been reserved for the Whitelist Sale. And 1000 for Public.

Join our Discord and follow the steps provided.

The best email for any inquiries is ogstoneheads@gmail.com!

Magic Eden.